Tuesday 20 May 2008

A Butterfly Garden in Memory of Harry

A £25 million Butterfly dome to be built in Hertfordshire and completed in spring 2009 will include a garden in memory of Harry.

Butterfly World Trust is a new conservation charity with an urgent mission to:

  • raise awareness of the threats to the world’s butterfly and moth population
  • educate the public about the conservation of all wild flora and fauna
  • preserve the natural environment for the benefit of the public and the rest of the natural world.
  • fund research into the natural environment – especially butterflies and moths - and publish the results.

The first aim is to create butterfly world – the world’s biggest and most exciting butterfly attraction, designed to bring the public into direct contact with some of the most fragile and beautiful wildlife the world has to offer, and send out a clarion call on behalf of this endangered treasure.

Harry's garden is being designed by the renowned Fern Alder and will also include a hedgehog sanctuary to protect and treat injured hedgehogs.

On the day Harry died, we opened our front door to see a hedgehog sat in the middle of our porch staring at us. We’ve never seen this before or since, so to include hedgehogs in the garden is a wonderful thought.

The garden will raise funds for charities.

If you would like more information, click here.

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