Saturday 27 September 2008

Marie Jenny and Louise "Fall4Harry"

Yes - the parachute jump finally took place on a hot sunny day 21st September 2008. Around 30 well wishers were at the event and the the three girls all landed within 20 yards of the target - Marie on it!

Marie & Jenny (Harry’s sisters) and friend Louise Coleborn jumped 3,500ft for Harry. Marie says: “To mark the anniversary of Harry’s death I wanted to do something in memory of him and to honour the life he once had, and of course to raise money to help find a cure, to stop other families having to deal with the loss, pain and confusion that we have suffered. Myself, my sister Jenny and a my friend Louise Coleborn will be jumping out of a plane from 3,000 feet, with only ourselves and a cord to pull our parachute - otherwise known as a static line jump. We originally planned to jump on the 27th April after a full days worth of training on the 26th up at Booker (nr. High Wycombe) airfield. Due to bad weather the jump was cancelled.

Marie goes on to say "it was terrifying at first but once the parachute opened and we floated down it was really peaceful and able to reflect on why we were doing it"

The girls have raised £3000 for the Meningitis Research Foundation.

Pictures of the jump can be viewed here - Jump Pictures

Videos of the landing below Marie top Jenny and Louise bootom.

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