Thursday 3 June 2010

Marlow Merlins Rugby Awards Evening: 7th May 2010

An annual event, the Merlins Awards Evening is an opportunity for the parents & boys to get together over a curry and celebrate achievements both on and off the pitch.
The Harry Mills award was presented by Ali Buckle, Head Coach & Judi Mills and recognised ‘enthusiasm, passion and commitment’ to rugby and Marlow RFC in particular. This year’s winner was Leighton Jones who despite not having anyone playing for the Merlins, faithfully coaches every week, a smile on his face, through wind, rain and snow, thereby demonstrating Harry’s values.
Ali went on to say "Leighton Jones is Fixtures Secretary and a senior player at the club and asked the Merlins whether we needed any coaching help at the start of last season. He has two girls and a very young son, none of whom play rugby, so he comes down to help out purely because he loves the club, the game and the age group. He makes training fun, and the boys have really benefitted from his unique coaching style this season. A worthy winner of our most special award, which this year took the form of a nice "Harry" engraved tankard."

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