Thursday 6 October 2011

Jacob Buckle Complete The Rowers Revenge (Twice!)

Jacob Buckle has competed in his first triathlon to raise money for the Youth Sport Trust in memory of his friend, Harry Mills. The Youth Sport Trust aims to empower young people through sport and this is something Jacob believes strongly in. You can still support Jacob at his JustGiving page. He says “The image of Harry's smiling face helped him through the tough bits as did the generosity of friends and family who have raised £485”

Sarah, Jacobs Mum says.....

Jacob had a fantastic 4k ergo time of 14' 23" and was doing really well on the bike until he had a puncture near Danesfield House...oops forgot to pack spare inner tube! Ran most of the way back to Higginson Park carrying the bike. Supported his friends as the came over the finish line. But very despondent until I joked that he could always join in the last heat of the sprint event which was about to start (which is exactly the same as the standard triathlon apart from a 2k ergo instead of 4k.) So he quickly arranged to borrow a bike and shoes and started the triathlon all over again...

Successfully completed it in 1hr21minutes putting him in 2nd place for the junior sprint event. We're all really proud of him and he said that thinking about Harry helped him get through the final stages when things were really tough.

He was given a special prize by the event organisers for his grit and determination and the press will be giving his chosen charity (the Youth Sport Trust) a plug when they write up the triathlon.

Thanks to everyone who has sponsored him so far. If you'd like to sponsor him now that you know he's done the course (and some!), here's the link

Many, many thanks on behalf of Jacob.

Visit Jacobs Justgiving page for photographs of the event.

Jacob who is an accomplished rower is also getting a new boat very soon and he's decided to call it Harry.

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