Wednesday 28 November 2012

Harry's Lunch 2012

We just wanted to say a huge thank you to those who joined us for Harry’s Lunch and to everyone who has contributed to Harry’s Lunch over the last five years.

It was an amazing event full of love, laughter and plenty of tears! What a very special way to finish Harry’s Lunch.

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Huge thanks go to Jacob and Alex Jones who said what we all felt, so eloquently. It was so lovely to remember Harry and feel the love and warmth that was evident at the lunch.

Also a big thanks to Olympic Medallist Alex Danson who gave a truly inspirational speech.

Wendi and Judi
The total amount raised for Youth Sport Trust and Bisham Church is £8,980.   This includes  Alex Woolley's fantastic contribution of over £1,300.   Jacob Buckle raised a further brilliant £600 and this has gone directly to Youth Sport Trust.  Fraser Duncan raised £500 at at an event which his team ran for key business contacts.  Fraser says "at the function my boss talked about Harry’s Fund and the associated charities and subsequently everybody dug deep".  Softcat donated nearly £2000  to the lunch and also Pirates Day.

In addition to The Youth Sports Trust £1000 will be donated to to Bisham Church where Harry is buried.

It has been so much fun and a privilege organising Harry’s Lunch for the last five years, working so closely with all those involved.

Thank you all so much for supporting Harry’s Lunch over the last five years - we couldn't have done it without you.

With much love

Wendi & Judi

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